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Recycling Fundraising Project - Help the Environment and Raise Cash


Bring in old cell phones, laptops, and ink cartridges to help us earn money and help the environment!

Continuing for 2022-2023

In conjunction with FundingFactory and Advantage Cartridge, local businesses and individuals are invited to send us your used ink jet, printer cartridges, used iPods, GPS devices, laptops and used cell phones for our ongoing fundraising project. We will also do online popcorn and pizza fundraisers. Contact us!

If you have a business, friend, relative (or yourself) that has a large volume of phones or cartridges we can give you the UPS labels to ship for free.

Contact Twirling Bears at 630-324-6421 and thanks for your support!

Help us attend competitions, nationals and Great A,merica in 2022-23!

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