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Registration Form

Twirling Bears/Bearettes Registration Form 



Student's Name_______________________________






Phone  (___)____________________________               Parent's Email____________________________________


Parent's Name____________________________


Alternate Phone? __________________________  circle one:    cell     work     other



Pants size_____________


Top size____________


Shoe size _____________                                


Class: circle       baton/flags       poms     other (specify)_______________




*One time dues/gym fee 2020 - 2021:    __$170 ($145 if have a baton)_____ 




Total due:               ___________


**Total Paid:        __________________


TODAY'S DATE: _____________________


* All members participate in MANDATORY fundraising to raise a set amount per student during the year also for competition fees, outfit fees and admin fees or self-pay. I understand I am responsible to follow local and state covid-19 mandates.  Twirling Bears & Bearettes takes no responsibility for any outcomes to health regarding covid-19. **No one can attend any classes unless fees are paid in full


I am enrolling my child(ren) in the classes I have circled above.  I accept full responsibility for any injuries or mishaps.


Parent's signature________________________________________________________


(Form and fees can be brought in person on the first day if you have called and registered)

Call 630-242-0948 for questions/registration.